StarkEx Perpetual Trading REST API: Overview

The StarkEx REST API is the interface to the StarkEx system. You can use the API for use cases including the following:

  • sending transactions

  • receiving requests for alternative transactions

  • retrieving information about transaction batches

  • interacting with the Committee Service for actions connected to data availability

  • setting up certificate-based mutual authentication

The StarkEx REST API includes the following:

  • Gateway API: The StarkEx Services HTTP gateway version2 for all external trading interactions. The offchain flows in the StarkEx documentation refer to this API.

  • Feeder Gateway API: The StarkEx Services HTTP gateway for feeder interactions. The Feeder is a gateway to the StarkEx system for retrieving transaction batch information by external parties. Access to information is based on batch IDs only. The intention is to allow more detailed slicing and dicing to be performed on an external DB rather than via this API. The app uses the Feeder Gateway for getting batch info.This helps to confirm that transactions are processing.

  • Availability Gateway API: The StarkEx Services HTTP gateway for committee interactions.

  • Objects: Objects that are common to all methods in the gateway API.

  • Response objects: Objects used for responses in the in the Feeder gateway API.

  • Transactions Classes that represent transaction types.