Self custody

During the DeFi Pooling flow, the user always has self custody of funds.

There are three different token types that the user owns during the flow:

  • Investment and strategy tokens

    These tokens have an on-chain value. They can be withdrawn at any time by using StarkEx self-custody mechanism using a Withdrawal transaction or the Full Withdrawal mechanism.

  • Ride ticket token

    This token only has value within the DeFi Pooling StarkEx platform. Therefore, the Pool Manager smart contract provides a redeem function.

If the user has a ride ticket token and the DeFi Pooling flow did not proceed to trade it, the user can withdraw it on-chain to redeem their share of funds from the Pool Manager smart contract. The redeemed tokens are:

a) the strategy tokens — in the case that the strategy was executed
b) the original investment tokens — in the case that the strategy was not executed.