StarkEx leverages STARK technology to power scalable self-custodial transactions (trading and payments) for applications such as DeFi and gaming. StarkEx enables an application to scale significantly and improve transaction speed while also reducing transaction costs. Implementation requires minimal change to existing setups.
StarkEx currently supports ETH, ERC-20 tokens, and ERC-721 tokens and synthetic assets. Also, it can readily support tokens on other EVM-compatible blockchains.
This documentation refers to two slightly different systems: StarkEx for Spot Trading and StarkEx for Perpetual Trading. While the systems typically function in a similar manner, there are differences. Content that refers only to Spot Trading or Perpetual Trading clearly states so.
StarkEx is a mature platform that has been deployed on Ethereum Mainnet since June 2020. Before its Mainnet deployment, over 50M StarkEx transactions were settled on both public and private Ethereum testnets.
Many applications are currently using StarkEx, including:
Launch Date
Current StarkEx Version
June 2020
spot Trading V4
Apr 2021
spot Trading V3
Apr 2021
perpetual trading V1
June 2021
spot Trading V4
The concrete smart contract deployments are listed here.
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