StarkPay overview

StarkPay is an implementation of StarkEx Spot Trading that payment processors can use to provide a payment infrastructure. StarkPay offers scalable, inexpensive, and capital-efficient payments over Ethereum. StarkPay offers merchants the ability to receive payment for goods and services instantly.

StarkPay supports the following types of payment processors:

  • A cryptocurrency-based payment processor.
    This system enables payments in coins whose source is Ethereum, such as ETH or ERC-20 tokens. Cryptocurrencies such as BTC that are not native to Ethereum can be minted as wrapped ERC-20 assets. Users need to deposit and withdraw their funds via Ethereum. The payment system enables them to transfer these funds to pay for goods and services. For example, when you buy bread at the store, you pay for the bread by transferring USDC to the store.

  • A fiat-based payment processor.
    This system enables payments in fiat currency. The mechanism for depositing, paying and withdrawing funds takes place entirely within the StarkPay instance. The payment system enables users to transfer funds to pay for goods and services while enjoying the benefits of secure payments and self-custody. You decide which currency your system supports.